Whitening is an aesthetic treatment that gives a whiter and brighter smile to the patient.

Treatment begins with a dental checkup. After this, the dentist does the oral prophylaxis. After the cleaning, the dentist applies a gel on the surface of the tooth. This gel will penetrate the tooth, thus reaching inner layers. When it reaches the deep layers, the gel removes the dark particles, thus returning the clearest and most beautiful aspect of the tooth.

The procedure can be done in the clinic, or at home by the patient himself following the dentists instructions.

The duration of treatment will depend on each case. Depending on the color of the teeth it may take 2 to 3 weeks to be finalized.


Whitening Take Home Kit

Before starting treatment at home, the patient needs to have a dental check-up and prophylaxis. After these procedures, a molding is made according to the patients teeth and the dentist indicates how much gel should be placed and the time for the product to act.